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Re: Towards a LedgerNPO


> 1.2 will make this far easier for you.  I will also add the skeleton
> of an en_NPO translation so that people more knowledgable in the
> terminology can add necessary translations.

Hmmm ... what's the schedule on 1.2?  I need to get going on data entry 
right away.   Or will we have upgrade scripts?

> Parts could be used, but it would be better to see these as "services"
> which are bought and sold.  You can handle markup automatically this
> way by using a sell price of $1.00 and a purchase price of $0.95 for
> example.

Hmmm .. do we have "services" right now?

> >         Designations also need to be associatable with Users in some
> > fashion, so that specific Users can run reports only on specific
> > Designations.
> That will require some custom database extensions.  May require some
> additional generic API's to be created.

I was thinking of using the reporting interface.  Is it possible to 
assocate specific permissions with running specific reports?

> > Transfers:  between bank accounts, and between Designations.
> Transfers between accounts is already handled.  Designations might
> require more work.  I would need to understand this requirement more.
> Can you send me some useful scenarios?  I suspect we can make this
> work with existing functionality, but I would want to make sure.

The most common would be this:

Donor gives unmarked donation on Feburary 11th.
I call them to find out what they were donating to.
On March 3rd, I find out that the money was for Debian.  I transfer the 
obligation from SPI General Fund to Debian.

DebConf has some special accounting or legal requirements. They offer to 
kick in extra money to the SPI General Fund to cover these.  So I transfer 
money from Debian::DebConf to SPI General Fund.

> > SPI-Specific
> > ===============
> > SPI claims 5% off the top of any Designated funds Donated to be used
> > for General Overhead.  This should somehow be automatic.   Few other
> > NPOs do this, however.
> Again, this could be handled by treating designations as services with
> a purchase price that is $1.00 minus markup and a unit of USD or the
> equivalent.  Again, this could be adapted to other currencies by
> varying the unit, etc.

This sounds interesting.  Fortunately, SPI only needs to support USD.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco