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Re: COGS incorrect when invoices are reposted

On 9/22/06, John Hasler <..hidden..> wrote:
I wrote:
> I'm not convinced that it should be possible to alter _or_ void posted
> invoices.

Chris Travers writes:
> How would you deal with an invoice which had an error on it?

By posting a new document which reverses the effect of the error.  An
invoice (or any other transaction) should never be altered once posted.

The only alteration made here is to flag the transaction to make it
easier to pull reports.  All financial data is handled by posting a
reversing transaction as you suggest :-)

> Note that when we say voiding an invoice, this means posting reversing
> transactions...

Why don't credit memos, etc. suffice?

Voiding should be done only for invoices that never should have been
issued.  In this case, it is like writing VOID on the face of the
invoice.  Financially, you still need the reversing transaction to be
posted (which would be automated).

> ...and flagging the invoice as voided for reporting purposes.

But if correcting entries have been made the summaries will be correct.  I
don't think erroneous invoices should be hidden, though perhaps they should
be marked with a link the correcting entry (I'm not sure how I'd do that).

No.  Not hidden.  Flagged so you can pull them out easily to check for
the need for further adjustements. :-)

I think we are actually on the same page, just talking past eachother :-)

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers