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Re: COGS incorrect when invoices are reposted

On Thursday 21 September 2006 13:20, Chris Travers wrote:
> We are working on ACL and role administration, and on the
> specification of voiding invoices.  I expect to post a detailed
> discussion as to how I think voiding should work this evening.  Then I
> can get feedback from Real Accounting Types and we can make this work
> well.


Do we have any plans yet on how we are going to write documentation?  I 
understand one of the goals of the fork is to make available clear docs for 
both the developer and end user.

I'd like to start to assembling  some of the things worked out via IRC/Mailing 
list so that it at least forms some kind of FAQ.

Mabey a  Wiki living on the web site?  I think it should output to several 
 * a printable book
 * viewable in whole on line ...
 * something we can hook from the code, to provide live online help
  - Context sensitive links
  - Popup help, like the "Whats this" feature in some GUIs ..

Translastions are important too, whatever we decide on should make it easy for 
translators to manage....