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Re: COGS incorrect when invoices are reposted

David Tangye wrote:
On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 10:08 -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
I don't think this can be fixed without rewriting the entire invoicing
system, so it will have to wait for another release.  But the larger
question is whether we want to support reposting invoices at all or
just make it as easy as possible to reverse invoices properly.
You don't change or reverse a posted invoice. You can:

1. Void the invoice
2. Apply a credit
3. Create a new invoice

That's about it.

Oh dear. I have not taken enough notice of this issue. Now that it is
clearly explained I see what a show-stopper it is. What you are saying
is that once an invoice is created and saved (via the 'post' button) you
cannot make *any* changes to it at all if the invoice includes parts, ie
over 50% of my invoices, and 100% of some people's. Quite often I need
to add or change something, even just a bit of a note.

I am not 100% sure on exactly how LedgerSMB does it but, I can say that you should not be able to modify a posted invoice.

I was once part of a large financial audit of a customer. They were trying to get a large credit line. One of the automatically disqualifying questions was: Do you run Quickbooks?

The reason given, was that Quickbooks allows you to modify posted invoices which violates accounting rules. You *must* void, or credit and create anew.

Do we care that much? I don't know... Quickbooks doesn't, I don't think PeachTree does... But if we want to be completely accurate about it, that is the way it is done.

If this functionality is that badly broken, I no longer consider this a
useful accounting package at all. I mean, what use is an accounting
package that cannot invoice and correctly account for those $'s?

Well no question there. If we can't do the math, that is bad.

I am getting less and less impressed with open-source. I see far too
many script-kiddies hacking crap, often just a variant hack of someone
else's crap. Make sure you do not end up doing the same. Much of what I
hear here is somewhat encouraging, but time will tell how this project
goes from here.

All due respect, but that is a silly argument. You didn't do your homework and you want to blame open source? There are plenty of quality Open Source projects out there, including PostgreSQL of which LedgerSMB is based.

I helped initiate this project because I want to see a real Open Source accounting package out there and we are making solid progress down that road.

But it will take time.


Joshua D. Drake


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