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Re: COGS incorrect when invoices are reposted

On Wed, 2006-09-20 at 10:08 -0700, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> > I don't think this can be fixed without rewriting the entire invoicing
> > system, so it will have to wait for another release.  But the larger
> > question is whether we want to support reposting invoices at all or
> > just make it as easy as possible to reverse invoices properly.
> You don't change or reverse a posted invoice. You can:
> 1. Void the invoice
> 2. Apply a credit
> 3. Create a new invoice
> That's about it.

Oh dear. I have not taken enough notice of this issue. Now that it is
clearly explained I see what a show-stopper it is. What you are saying
is that once an invoice is created and saved (via the 'post' button) you
cannot make *any* changes to it at all if the invoice includes parts, ie
over 50% of my invoices, and 100% of some people's. Quite often I need
to add or change something, even just a bit of a note.

If this functionality is that badly broken, I no longer consider this a
useful accounting package at all. I mean, what use is an accounting
package that cannot invoice and correctly account for those $'s? I mean
that is the core of what this system is: writing invoices for goods and
services, recording the banking of payments, and recording expenses. If
it cannot account 100% correctly those operations, it ain't an
accounting package.

Fortunately, in my case, the $ value of parts is relatively low,
compared to services, so although it sounds likely that running SL has
led to my making **incorrect** tax returns for the past 2 years, I $
value is *unlikely* to be very significant. I just hope the tax office
see it that way!!! As company director I do not relish the thought of
copping a fine from the government because I took it upon myself to
trust the professionalism of some dickhead open source outfit that
thought they knew how to develop software. (Note that I said 'develop
software', not write program code).

If you think I am now getting very bloody annoyed, you are right: I am,
not with LedgerSMB but with SL. If I could email this onto the SL mail
list, I would, but I do not have access there lately, and certainly
don't want to go near there anymore, based on this revelation.

Until LedgerSMB or something comes out based on a robust schema, that I
am reasonably satisfied is developed using some sort of recognised sane
development process, I think I had better go back to something that is
known to work correctly. Currently I know of MYOB and Quickbooks (under

I am getting less and less impressed with open-source. I see far too
many script-kiddies hacking crap, often just a variant hack of someone
else's crap. Make sure you do not end up doing the same. Much of what I
hear here is somewhat encouraging, but time will tell how this project
goes from here.