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Re: COGS incorrect when invoices are reposted

Just to clarify---

'semantic outlay'? Is this 'semantics'/terminology/naming. I believe
they are absolutely crucial. Concise naming is crucial, and I found one
of the most underrated and in cases derided concepts in bad development
projects. The old lazy ignorant argument 'What should we care what the
actual name is? We know what it means.' The fact is most people then
take away different ideas about 'what it means', and that's where the
bugs start coming from. 'What it means' is defined in the
requirements/documented etc etc, I know I do not need to restate this.

Semantics might be thought of as "meaning in the structure of the
information."  Semantic issues I have with SQL-Ledger including
allowing NULL chart_id's because this litterally means that the money
went into an "unknown" account.  There are many, many other issues I
see here that I would want addressed.  This isn't just about normal
forms,  This is about the structure of the information and what it

Hope this is clearer.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers