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Re: [ledgersmb-users] Fwd: Fwd: Production Install, Networking and Setup
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Re: [ledgersmb-users] Fwd: Fwd: Production Install, Networking and Setup

On 06/05/2019 08:07, Robert J. Clay wrote:
On Sat, May 4, 2019 at 1:52 AM Xboxboy Mageia <..hidden..> wrote:
the browser wont go to http://LedgerSMB/setup.pl
   Did you tell the system on which the browser is running, which IP
that 'LedgerSMB' name has? Or put it your local DNS? Also; if you're
using the default setup, you should be using "https", not "http".
   And note (in case you don't already know) that browsers like
Chromium really don't like using https with ssl certs like what we're
using by default (a valid ssl cert but not one that is registered
where the browser knows of), but how you get around that and still get
the secure session depends on the browser.
   (But yes, despite such dns & ssl issues, we still recommend using
secure broswer session to access the LSMB app.)

I tried adding the machines IP as the servername, but that didn't work either.
    In what way did you try adding it? In the URL?
    For instance, although I also have LXCs/VMs running on a local
server, I usually have test containers running on my laptop. And don't
have the networking where those are running accessible outside of the
laptop. So rather than adding the server name for the LXC to the DNS
on the laptop (since the IP can change depending on what other
containers have been started), I just use the IP.  For example;  if is the IP, then for the LSMB setup login page I would use   Or, for the
login page.

I'm running into similar problems.

I am trying to install LedgerSMB on a laptop running SUSE Tumbleweed 2019-05-02.

I think my prerequisites are OK.

1. The downloaded tarball does not contain a setup.pl or a login.pl file.

Question should these be present or does the apache rewrite module inf effect create them from something else

2. I cannot find the SSL certificates.

Question Where should I look? Or should I attempt to create them myself.

3. Instead of going whole hog at the installation, I have tried to fist create a virtual host called lsmb and I've set its document root to my home directory and put an index.html file there which displays its path and filename.

I failed to get apache2 to accept this until i altered the vhosts file to turn the SQLEngine off. Then Apache worked to the extent that It did change the DocumentRoot to my home dir and displayed the index file..

Can anyone help?

John O'Gorman

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