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Re: [ledgersmb-users] Fwd: Fwd: Production Install, Networking and Setup
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Re: [ledgersmb-users] Fwd: Fwd: Production Install, Networking and Setup

On Wed, Mar 27, 2019 at 1:59 AM Robert J. Clay <..hidden..> wrote:
>>   For instance; I have the v1.5.24 version of the ledgersmb-1.5 pkg
>> (from the apt.ledgersmb.org pkg repo) installed in a Debian v9.6
>> container (I use LXC) on my laptop, which I used to do a quick test of
>> that pkg version before I made it generally available.  There
>> 'starman' (which is running LSMB) is showing like this:
>> root@lsmbtest:~# netstat -tnlp|grep 5762
>> tcp        0      0*
>> LISTEN      99/starman master -
>> tcp6       0      0 ::1:5762                :::*
>> LISTEN      99/starman master -
> tcp    0*
> LISTEN   328/starman master
> tcp6   0   0 ::1:5762         :::*
> LISTEN   328/starman master

   Very good;  that indeed indicates that the LSMB application itself
is available where it is supposed to be.

Thanks for the reply.
Ok, so that's good that it's installed and behaving so far.

>>   Since I didn't feel like changing it to the network IP in the
>> systemd unit (although that is doable, it gets changed back if the pkg
>> is updated), I just used the varnish proxy (in this case, installed &
>> configured using the ledgersmb-varnish pkg)., which made it available
>> on the network IP up on port 6081.  That shows like this:
> I'm sorry, I don't follow this section: Proxy's are all new to me.

  In our case, we use a reverse proxy, where  another web application
listens for http requests from a users browser (usually on the
standard http ports), sends them to the LSMB application, then sends
what LMSB returns back to the users browser.  One can use, for
instance; apache, nginx, or lighttpd as the web proxy as we support
all three;  emphasizing https connections for it of course.
  I understand that you have apache already installed?  .Then
installing the 'ledgersmb-1.5-apache' pkg would be useful to you; that
attempts to auto configure apache to be uses as a web proxy for LSMB.
Including to https connections but you'll to update the config
specifically for 'ServerName'.apache config item. (In

Would you like me to install ledgersmb-1.5-apache? My understanding is we then have to configure it?

Robert J. Clay
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