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Re: user postgres password

On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 6:29 PM, Geordie <..hidden..> wrote:
I managed to get Postgreql to start.

  What do you mean by that?  Installing the packages should be all that is needed.

 but alas ledgersmb still fails to start and I see
no logs being generated for Ledgersmb so I am assuming it does not

   Not sure what you mean by that ledgersmb "fails to start"...  And besides the apache logs, there is also what might be in /tmp/ledgersmb.  Are you getting to the point where can go to 
http://localhost/ledgersmb/setup.pl ?  (or however you configured that...)

In 9.4 the Debian version of Postgresql has changed how they
name their files for version and cluster control.

I don't recall that there was much of a difference (my main test system went from v9.1 to v9.3 to v9.4), and the main thing to be concerned with is which port it's on.  

>From the .pl files I looked at and the file names that are in the
Postgresql directories this holds true.
Giving the present naming structure Ledgersmb is not going to start

I'm sorry;  but I don't know what you mean...

As of today jessie's version of Postgresql is 9.4+165

  Which is what I have on my main test lxc, where I currently have an updated testing version of a package for LSMB v1.3.46 installed...  Don't have a working package yet for 1.4.x as yet (issues the package build), so I may try a manual install to see what might need to be updated in the INSTALL file...

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