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Re: user postgres password

On Tuesday, April 07, 2015 05:41:46 AM Robert J. Clay wrote:
> On Mon, Apr 6, 2015 at 6:29 PM, Geordie <..hidden..> wrote:
> > In 9.4 the Debian version of Postgresql has changed how they
> > name their files for version and cluster control.
> I don't recall that there was much of a difference (my main test system
> went from v9.1 to v9.3 to v9.4), and the main thing to be concerned with is
> which port it's on.

   The LSMB config defaults to port 5432, which on Debian is the what 
postgresql  install defaults to as well unless there is another version 
already installed.

> > As of today jessie's version of Postgresql is 9.4+165
>   Which is what I have on my main test lxc, where I currently have an
> updated testing version of a package for LSMB v1.3.46 installed... 

   Since I don't have a working package yet for 1.4.x (due to issues with the 
package build),  I went ahead and tried a manual install on my 'lsmbtst' 
system. which is a Jessie install and was successful.

-  Did need to install  libnamespace-autoclean-perl, which didn't seem to be 
listed as needed in the INSTALL.
- Since I another LSMB on the system: In /opt/ledgersmb/ledgersmb.conf:
	- Changed cookie_name from "LedgerSMB-1.3" to "LSMB-"
	- Changes default_db from "lsmb13" to "lsmb14"
- Copied ledgersmb-httpd-2.4.conf.template to LSMB14101.conf
- Replaced "WORKING_DIR" with "/opt/ledgersmb"  in LSMB14101.conf.
- Replace "Alias /ledgersmb" with "Alias /lsmb14
- Added my workstation IP
- Moved LSMB14101.conf to /etc/apache2/conf-available
- Enabled it by running a2enconf LSMB14101
- Since I've found that the 'postgresl' user isn't usable for LSMB on Debian 
because of how it's set up, I added another user for this 1.4 install, like 

smbtst:~# su - postgres
postgres@lsmbtst:~$ psql
psql (9.4.1)
Type "help" for help.

PASSWORD 'password';
postgres=# \q
postgres@lsmbtst:~$ exit


Was then able to login at http://lsmbtst/lsmb14/setup.pl and proceed to create 
a database and another user (decided to use a different one from what I'm using 
for the 1.3.x install), then login at http://lsmbtst/lsmb14/ and take a look 

Robert James Clay

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