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user postgres password

Good Day
I am having issues with postgresql 9.4 and the user postgres password. 
So far the Debian Unstable install has failed, the apt.ledgersmb jessie
has failed to install and now I have built from source and my stumbling
block is now postgresql. I think the way passwords have been created or
changed is different then before and I am not familiar enough with
postgresql to understand what has changed.

I did try the script ./tools/prepare-company-database.sh --company
testinc and it failed on multiple levels. Some of the files the program
references have had name changes and there was the password problem

My goal now is get the password sorted out and create the Ledgersmb
user and database

As a side note apache 2.4.10-11 is having a hissy fit with localhost
and and denying connections I will fix that later,for the
moment I can connect to ledgersmb via ip address


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