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Re: can't search on transactions

On 01/30/2014 04:19 PM, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi Dave,
> Sorry about my terse reactions earlier today; wasn't near a good keyboard at the time. Just got back to responding less tersely when your response came in and I decided to respond to this mail instead
> of your earlier ones.

No worries, you told me exactly what I needed to know. As a result we tested the 1.3.33 - 35 releases which gave us the confidence to keep trying to move to the 1.3.36 version

> It's not that we don't like your production environment, however, you said you were not ready to move to anything but a stable release. My response was to help you with a stable combination of
> LedgerSMB and PostgreSQL.

I was teasing :0   Anyways, I never yet met a developer who was happy with any production environment of mine :) Usually because I don't let em touch it :)

> We do want to support all current (ie non-EOL-ed) versions of PostgreSQL. However, we certainly could use some help here: there are a lot of combinations and a lot of tests to be run. Unfortunately,
> many of the areas that we call "old code" - areas of code inherited from 1.2 and all the way back to SQL  Ledger - are tough territory to build automated tests for. Meaning that a lot of testing needs
> to be done by hand.

I understand, part of the reason I have delayed moving clients to 1.3 is I have a small idea as to the magnitude of the task you have taken on.

> Yup. No excuse. It's broken, but wasn't timely detected because newer versions of postgresql are less strict about it (if you have all fields of the primary key in the group by, it's satisfied -
> versions 9.1 and up).

Well, it's legal, but that doesn't mean it is a good idea. Subselects are allowed in column definitions and table clauses but that's not a good idea either.
However, it does increase my billable hours :) And yes my primary role is DBA :)

> Please don't take my statement as putting you off. We still want to see all issues you run into reported. We're still committed to fixing the issues you're finding. Even on this combination of
> versions. My response was mainly to get you a direction to work with as quickly as possible, as you were running into production issues.

Please, see above, in no way did you "put me off". Thank you for your help. Your statement about being able to run 1.3.36 against Postgres 9.1
immediately defined the scope or extent of the issue.

However, we could use some help from people like you who run
> with these setups as their default (most devs develop on newer PostgreSQL versions) to do release candidate testing. It helps trip us up on this kind of issue.

We are a small consulting company, 3 seniors, 2-3 juniors & intermediates who specialize in databases, primarily Oracle. For a lot
of our small clients (under <100 employees)we also act as sysadmins or indeed take over the entire IT operations. None of them will accept
beta code. It is difficult enough to get them to accept open source, much less open source accounting systems.

I expect I will be fairly active for the next month and will be able to test the 1.3.37 release for you but I don't
want to lift your expectations too much. This is a specific upgrade request for a client. While
I can test installs for you we have no resources for serious testing. and 1.3.36 installs just fine.

I will certainly sign up and contribute to docs.

One of my reason for putting the fix out in the list is that I could not find it, and most sysadmins who install
via a package manager will not/can not find and fix it. if there is not a quick and easy solution on google just
move on. What's funny is I reverted to the package manager when I could not get the tarball to work.

Anyway, the client is testing with 4 people right now. If it passes functionally they will operate in parallel
for the first week of February and then make the commitment decision.

Rumour has it that the biggest complaint is that the link in the top left of the trial balance ledgers doesn't work :)

I'm sorry if I came across harshly, that was not my intention.
Thank you once again for your help


Dave Morgan
Senior Consultant, 1001111 Alberta Limited
403 399 2442

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