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saves wrong numbers


Just updated to 1.3.37rc1 - and I can now search.

It turned out, that I had missed, that pressing "save" in the AP->add
transaction screen - actually didn't save.. until I pressed "post as
shown", after having hit save.

pressing update does NOT update the numbers to what they will be once
saved (as SL does).. but save does this instead (which I failed to notice).

it however updates to the wrong numbers.. and I've tried altering the
number - but update doesn't change it (and I can't save again, after
altering) - but I can see that is does NOT actually "post" what is
shown.. I opened the saved invoice, and the  invoice total was now
1931,85, VAT was still 642,80 - but the "lineitem" amount was now 1289,05.

I have a vendor set to incl. VAT - and I've entered 2547,65 and 642,80
as VAT (25%). I tried entering 3217,45 - but then the total was set to
3217,45+642,80 (VAT) - even though "tax included" was selected.

Also.. It seems you've removed the option to edit an invoice.. I do
realize you may not "legally" change an invoice - once it's created, but
IMHO it should be editable - and then one can "approve/lock" it once
it's actually posted correctly.

Especially when it doesn't actually save the numbers it shows :(

Klavs Klavsen, GSEC - ..hidden.. - http://www.vsen.dk - Tlf. 61281200

"Those who do not understand Unix are condemned to reinvent it, poorly."
  --Henry Spencer

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