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Re: a wiki detailing how to install a full network using samba active directory

On 01/09/2014 11:25 AM, Bob Miller wrote:
> maybe this is helpful, maybe not...
> I built a wiki detailing how to install a full network using samba
> active directory for ldap authentication.  As it pertains to this
> conversation, it uses lsmb 1.3.33 and apache 2.4 on Debian Jessie.
> The trick with using my wiki is that it instructs how to build a fully
> integrated network, so if you want to pull out a standalone install of
> lsmb you may have to hunt around a bit in pages that come before it,
> particularly with the postgres configuration.  And if you aren't using
> ldap authentication, you will have to adjust the recipe according to
> your taste.
> But in the hope that it is useful you can find the lsmb page here:
> http://cocnm.computerisms.ca/index.php/Install_Ledgersmb

Thanks!  What are the pros and cons of ldap authentication?
What is the reason for using samba active directory?

I've been hoping to escape windows linux MacOSX conflict by ledgersmb's web UI...

Does your network include any over the internet hops, or just on a LAN
behind a firewall?

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