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installation errors


In the process of installing LedgerSMB I made some mistakes. In the area when it asks for the paths for the various latex files I didn't understand what I was to do and didn't give ALL the answers in the form they were expected. Therefore, of course, things didn't work.

This is the instruction file that I was following:

Ubuntu Installation Tutorial: LedgerSMB-1.3-SERIES

This is the area where the problems occurred:

Before we make test we have to install the Latex Perl Module; otherwise test will fail:

sudo cpan Template::Latex
This can take long timE and at the end you will see PASS.

attached you will find the output indicated a failure to pass.

What do I do to repair this before I continue with the installation?

Thanking you for your assistance and consideration!

Darald Bantel

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