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Re: LedgerSMB 1.3.x and Apache v2.4?

On 01/09/2014 03:54 AM, Pongrácz István wrote:
> My setup based on Debian Wheezy and it is an openvz container.
> Depends on your environment, I can recommend the following to you:
> - use a virtual machine or container (openvz/lxc) to bring up an environment for lsmb
> - as this is a server, not a desktop, you should stuck with debian wheezy
> - if you prefer apache, just install ledgersmb via the package manager -> it will install every dependencies you need. You can upgrade the ledgersmb manually or tweak your settings (remove ledgersmb itself and modify your configs to your needs).
> - Optionally you can install nginx and fcgiwrap together -> apt-get install nginx fcgiwrap , that's all. You can find a sample config a short README in the latest svn snapshot in the 1.3 line, check the contrib directory.

Thanks.  How about docker?  Are there cheap ISPs for virtual linux slices that can run docker
containerized apps in their own virtual worlds?   As in rent one VPS for $10 or $20 a month
depending on performance, and create as many containers on it as you like and have IP addresses

That would take away lots of server running worry about library dependency hell,
flaky apps taking down the whole thing, etc...

I was searching for some way that was cheap
6 months ago and could not find, but now there's lxc and docker.  Anyone here expert on them yet?


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