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Re: Clear competitive advantage

On 08/06/2013 09:53 AM, ERACC Subscriptions wrote:
> On Mon 2013-08-05 14:57 Brian Wolf <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Our firm is hosting LedgerSMB for some clients and prepared to host
>> more.  Speaking of tying in, we've written a tie-in with Amazon that is
>> in final stages of testing this week.  It pulls sales orders from Amazon
>> and adds them directly to LedgerSMB.  That will save a huge amount of
>> manual labor to (re-)enter them in LedgerSMB.  We're looking at adding
>> integration with other marketplaces such as Google and Overstock.
>> We also plan to roll out very soon an integrated payment screen;  it
>> will perform the credit card transaction in just a few seconds, and add
>> the payment transaction to LedgerSMB, too.  These types of integrations
>> can boost LedgerSMB's usefulness, prominence and marketability.
> Are these being submitted to the base system for distribution with LSMB?
> Especially the credit card add-on. If so, I have a new client who may be
> very interested in LSMB running on their own system in that case. They are
> definitely not interested in a hosted solution as I already proposed that.

I'm shooting for publishing the integrated payment screen in about 2 - 3 

The integrated payment screen is written in Python and Mako Templates, 
since those are the tools I know best.  They are in an SVN repository, 
which can be pulled from.  If the community wants, it can added to the 
LSMB distribution.  (Maybe someone can describe the procedure for adding 
code to the distribution.)  Of course, a merchant account is required, 
which our firm can provide at rather competitive rates.

> They do not need payroll and are currently just starting up so are not
> tied to any specific accounting software. I would have to see if they have
> a crusty accountant that is mired in some other software. If so, I will
> reach out and see if I can get their accountant on-board.
> Gene Alexander

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