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Re: Clear competitive advantage

Hi Brian,

On Thu, Aug 1, 2013 at 6:40 PM, Brian Wolf <..hidden..> wrote:
Anyone in sales knows that the key to moving a prospect to buy isn't price. Because if it were, no one would buy a Lexus when they could buy a Chevy instead. Lexus sells because it it perceived as having an entirely different value. It is all about articulating a clear competitive advantage; showing why our product more closely fits their needs; presenting greater value.

I'd like to collect from everyone a list of reasons why they chose to run their enterprise (large or small) on LedgerSMB. Just one sentence will do. What motivated you to run with LedgerSMB (instead of Quickbooks, Quickbooks online, Sage, Great Plains or whatever)?

In the Netherlands we also have Exact Online and Twinfield accounting. The latter is only an accounting solution and hence not feature comparable. However, I did have a quick look.

None of these solutions (Exact, Twinfield or Quickbooks) look like they will give me my data in any usable form or shape. Owning my own accounting data was and still is extremely important to me.

When looking at LedgerSMB, I also looked at (a) the possibilities to extend it (adding functionality/ modules of my own for my business) - with its model for recording customers and vendors as an important sub-criterion, (b) web-accessibility, (c) openness of the project to new-comers, (d) project focus on design and (e) being light-weight in the resources required.

Although I understand you're asking these questions, it'd be extremely interesting to know why people choosing other solutions did *not* choose LederSMB: after all, maybe their choices are based on missing bits in our image / communication. The answers you're going to get from this list are probably going to re-inforce the current communication.



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