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Re: Seek more attention; Re: Better tools for community cohesion?

On 08/02/2013 06:23 PM, Robert J. Clay wrote:
On Fri, Aug 2, 2013 at 8:11 PM, John Locke <..hidden..> wrote:

I spent an hour or so Wednesday evening attempting to get a clean git-svn
copy of the subversion tree, so I could commit my UI changes branch to
Subversion. And failed. ....
   Failed in what way?  And did you use the 'new' URL for the SVN repo?

Yes. I've been maintaining a git repo that tracks svn, and I updated its URL a week or two after the URL change. So getting svn commits into git is super easy.

That's a bare repo, though.

Setting up a working copy with a clean branch to push is the problem. After reading a bunch of stuff, I tried getting a brand new, fresh, git svn clone of the repository, and then adding my existing repo as a remote. Then I tried creating an integration branch starting with svn trunk, and cherry-picking the changes. This caused a ton of unrelated merge conflicts, because there were no shared parents. Tried creating a branch based on my code and rebasing it on the svn branch -- still no go.

So the only thing that looks do-able is checking out the files while on the svn branch, and individually re-doing each commit, and then I should be able to dcommit.

Any other suggestions?

   I planned to redo the git-svn based repo I was running (which
stopped working with the URL change) but that got side tracked due to
various issues and then a move due to a new job.
Once I'm set up again, I'll be continuing with that as I also plan to
include branches from the debian packaging SVN repository as well.

I forget exactly what I did to change the URL, but I found something in Stack Overflow that allowed me to do it. I think it might have left the old commit messages, and I do remember it taking a little bit to figure out, but not much. Hmm, I think it was one of the posts on this page that worked for me: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/268736/git-svn-whats-the-equivalent-to-svn-switch-relocate

I do recall having to commit to svn for one of the steps -- you'll see in the svn history a single commit from me that was only a whitespace change... If you don't have commit access, you'll just have to wait for some new commit after doing the fetch. (or hit one of us up on irc to make one)...

John Locke

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