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Re: Companies Using LedgerSMB

On Wed, Jul 25, 2012 at 6:30 PM, Brian Wolf <..hidden..> wrote:
Let's get list members who uses LedgerSMB or who have consulting clients using it to write up brief summaries and forward them (to you, if that makes it easier).

Agreed. Anybody can create content on the website. However, only a few people can publish it to prevent spam. So, it's most anonymous if people create the content themselves. But if they don't want to create logins on the site, I'm more than happy to copy the content into the site on approval. If they rather mail you, that's fine as well.
They can be anonymous, but in any case should include size of company (revenues, number of users) and what motivated them to choose LedgerSMB.

While I agree that this is the information people would tend to look for, from a technical perspective it's more interesting to look at transaction volumes in order to be able to estimate the technical problems a company would run into.

Then you can include whatever is appropriate on the testimonials page, if the sender is ok with publicizing.

This information is vital to marketing LedgerSMB.

Completely agreed. I'll try to collect the interesting information for the companies that I know run LedgerSMB. So far, Chris and I decided that we would *not* add our own businesses and subsidiaries to the testimonials page: since we're committers, it's both obvious and probably biased.

However if you put the vitality of that information this way, I'm ready to reconsider.