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Re: getopt: illegal option -- l when trying to run prepare-company-database.sh on BSD

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 07:31:39PM -0500, Chris Bennett wrote:

> > One of the key reasons for the shell scripts is that they are partly
> > provided as documentation.  Perl tools are possible and we actually
> > have the main logic done for this in the LedgerSMB::Database class.
> > The big thing is that between the options we have already:
> > 

Maybe that should be an important detail in new install and upgrade scripts.
Good commenting, but even more important, maybe an echo or pod section to explain
each step and why it is done?
-q quiet
-v verbose
-V verbose with echoing out details that explain what and why.

I now comment my new code well, after a lot of suffering during

Chris Bennett

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