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Re: Invoice and Parts tracking separately

Hi Andres;

On Wed, Mar 21, 2012 at 8:32 AM, Andres Basile <..hidden..> wrote:
> Hello there!!!
> I'm planning to implement on a business that has many point of sales, there
> are a couple of questions that maybe someone could help me:
> * Each point of sale will generate an invoice through AR, there is a local
> regulation that says the first five digits on the invoice should be location
> code... lets say: XXXXX-YYYYYYYY, where X is a fixed location for that point
> of sale and Y is the unique invoice number for that location that should be
> fixed on 13 digits.
> Is there any way to configure it?

I can think of a few ways.  How many locations does this prospect have?
> * Each point of sale should have its own warehouse where there is just a
> portion of the full quantity of parts that I have.

> Is there any way to keep tracking each stock on warehouse separately?

Tracking is possible. The first thing you have to do is set up
warehouses.  I am trying to recall if invoices are attached to
warehouses or if line items are.  Either way it should be a fairly
trivial customization even on the old code attach these to a warehouse
(just add a hidden input, and some code to the pos.conf.pl to do the

The POS is being moved out of core and into add-ons for 1.4 precisely
because it will make it easier to add these sorts of features
> I'm not getting how to do it with the actual framework and I'm not sure if
> it supported, planed as feature or just a crazy idea.
> Thanks in advance.-

A couple point I would make about this.

First, POS environments are surprisingly picky environments.   They
have a nasty tendency to enter lots of complex info into the database
quickly, are extremely performance sensitive and folks usually want
additional reports developed after the fact, which can place load on
the db server.  Also a lot of hardware support on LedgerSMB for this
sort thing is pretty kludgy.  There is no elegant way to control a
pole display from a web app....

So with this in mind, it is important to assume a significantly higher
capacity requirement for other installations of a similar size.
Depending on the installation requirements, you may find that the LSMB
framework works ok as a starting place but may need a wxperl app
written on top of it to better enter the info.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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