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getopt: illegal option -- l when trying to run prepare-company-database.sh on BSD

I have a FreeBSD 9.1 server that I've been trying to set up LSMB on, but I’ve hit a snag. When I run the script to configure the database, I get this error:

(..hidden..) (27/pts/2/1) (/usr/local/ledgersmb)                                                                                       
% sudo tools/prepare-company-database.sh --company reveal --pgsql-contrib /usr/local/share/postgresql/extension                            
getopt: illegal option -- l

I can only assume it's because the script uses a GNU-specific option to getopt. 

Why are these scripts not written in Perl? Thought it was the perfect language for this kind of thing – and more portable :)

Kind regards,

Mikkel Høgh <..hidden..>
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