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Re: unexpected version error

On 21. mars 2012 09:23, billy akazawa wrote:
> I'm trying to answer all questions, but perhaps the way I'm putting them
> into the e-mails is confusing – my apologies.

A tip: http://learn.to/quote/	

> Once again, I installed the ledgersmb application using the procedure
> provided by Andres Basile in the password error thread, where he listed
> his install process on Wheezy.

This is out of this news tread. Would be nice if you had supplied an 
url. Is this what your are talking about:

Did you do this step,
svn co https://ledger-smb.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ledger-smb/trunk

I think you my be better to stick with a released version...
(Not the under development version)

This guide has info about that route:


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