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Re: 1.2.x support?

On 20. mars 2012 18:52, 
..hidden.. wrote:

> I suppose we seemed to need features that nobody else was interested in
> like NET::SMTP::TLS
> We have over 5000 of lines of custom code at this point and probably 8-10
> custom tables.

Could you please give a brief overview of what you have customized? 
(Others may possibly be interested in the same capability. )

I did some  digging in old postings :

Have you added a Paypal gateway?

I also think this is of interest (A big vertical - lots of users ):
"Electrical Contractors we make quotations" "schedule and track projects 
and job costs"

> I have been skeptical about moving the logic to Postgres but I suppose we
Have you talked to Erik ?

Developing custom LedgerSMB extension experience


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