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Re: unexpected version error

On 20. mars 2012 21:53, billy akazawa wrote:
> Super-user login postgres
> Password postgres
> Database aels

What happens in the postgres and apache logs when you login with user 
postgres (setup.pl)?

It looks like your postgres user are missing administrative application 
access to LedgerSMB.
Could you try to login with user: paul  (setup.pl)

And to speed up the trouble shooting, please answer all questions.

You did not answer this question from Chris:

On 20. mars 2012 02:36, Chris Travers wrote:
 > I don't understand how this happened.  How did you install LedgerSMB?

Summary, so long:

We do know that:

aels=# SELECT * FROM defaults WHERE setting_key = 'version';
version | 1.3.0

the db aels has one user with application access

and that

setup.pl a second time (logging in as
postgres) against the same database name,

"Unknown version found."

Normaly should show:
"LedgerSMB 1.3 found"


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