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Re: Reversing payment to fully paid vendor invoice?

>> To reverse a payment, use the Cash/Vouchers/Reverse Payment menu item.
> Thanks!
> The fact that the screen is a batch processing screen threw me off at
> first. After entering a transaction date, I was able to find and
> reverse the payments I wanted to.
> There's one problem however: I'm very sure I created only a single
> reversal batch, but when looking at the invoices, there are now TWO
> reversal payments attached. So, an invoice paid originally at 299.30
> has two records stating 'reversal' each of which says -299.30.

Doing some further investigation, I do have a problem making sense of
the information LSMB gives me.

To start at the beginning: I needed to reverse 4 payments, all made on
the same (incorrect) date.

Using Chris's pointer, I've created a batch and marked the 4 payments
for reversal. The transaction reports completion. So far so good.

Now I want to check the effect of the transaction. IMO, I have 3 ways
to check that:

1. the payments report
2. the open AP items overview (which is generated before I enter new payments)
3. the GL line items report

Starting with the payments report, I expected one of two things:

a. A negative payment summing up to the amount of the 4 separate invoices
b. 4 negative payments each in the amount of the original transaction.

Unfortunately, I'm finding neither: my payments report lists 2
negative amounts. Both amounts shown also exist as positive amounts.
One of the negatives has a description 'reverse'. The other has no

Going to the AP items overview, I'm seeing - among other open items -
the 5 AP items that had been closed using the 4 payments. So far so
good. However, the AP items all have negative 'paid' amounts. The rest
of the row makes little sense to me either (although the fact that the
row mixes local and foreign currencies doesn't really help).

So, to pick one item, this is what it says (with CAD being local currency):

Total (CAD): 439.01
Paid (CAD): -430.595
Amount due (CAD): 869.605

The data above suggest that the reversal isn't actually reversing the
FX gain/loss effect that was posted during the initial payment,
instead, it's using the full amount in the payment to reverse the AP
item. Additionally, it seems to have done so twice.

Am I correct to have found a bug in the reversal process here? (The
one where the FX gain/loss doesn't get correctly reversed?)