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Re: upgrade from 1.2.21 to 1.3.3

2011/11/5 Philippe Schelté <..hidden..>:
> Yeah thanks a lot, now I can login and I'm definitly in 1.3.3 :)
> But all my datas from 1.2.21 are not here, no more customers,
> invoices...etc nothing :(
> in pgadmin I see that there is two schemas now : lsmb12 and public
> Do I miss a step somewhere ?

No.  While your data passed the pre-up tests, something is preventing
the upgrade.  In my data I found some inconsistencies in some old AP
transactions as well as some duplications of data between email and cc
contacts that prevented data from being transferred from the old
database to the new one.

For the second issue, I submitted a patch.  For the first issue, I
found in the logs:

ERROR:  insert or update on table "acc_trans" violates foreign key
constraint "acc_trans_trans_id_fkey"

We may need to add another pre-upgrade test or two to catch other
database inconsistencies.  My database dates from before 2005 and was
originally sql-ledger based.  Had several orphans in the database.

Grep your logs for ERROR lines.  If you can't figure out what you need
to fix, check back here with the errors.


David A. Bandel
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