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Re: upgrade from 1.2.21 to 1.3.3

Hello Chris,

thanks for your reply !

Use the setup.pl.

Enter the company and postgresql superuser/password authentication
fields.  The company is your database name.

It should detect 1.2 and ask if you want to upgrade.  Say yes and

I have done the setup.pl as I explain in my first message in this thread :

I choose to upgrade my database, but it seems that i can't go
further, I 'm blocked on a step where it asks me to "save and retry"
showing me a form
where I see all the parts with only the partnumber column that I can
modify. Even if I put all the partnumber to 1 and click to "Save and
retry" the form reload
again and so forth... Something I have to mention is that I'm a french
user and some of my parts description have accent that are not well
I have strange characters like "@A" at the place of the accents. How
can I finish the upgrade process ?

Best regards