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Re: Poll: Most helpful feature after 1.3?

On 23/07/11 05:21, Chris Travers wrote:
Ok.  Getting further into this which is good :-)

On Fri, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:45 AM, o1bigtenor<..hidden..>  wrote:
I didn't respond any sooner because I've heard RTFM lots of times and
so have gotten quite used to flailing around beating my head against
the wall in trying to determine what it is that I need to do next. Its
also why I went to my contact - - he's a materials engineer by
training and works in  I don't know how many languages so when
something stumps him - - well I won't even bother trying. I also
didn't want to spent $500+ just to install either. I do know that I
spent well over 25 hours working on things and my contact probably did
about 6 to 8 hours because he investigated the source code and said it
was quite an improvement re: its predecessor which he that previously
looked at.
Ok.  For the record, I have no current plans to increase my rates from
$60 for a basic install on UNIX/Linux (getting the software up and
running, and optionally your database set up with a chart of accounts
of your choice).  The price is likely to be about double that on

For the record, I had Chris do some database repair for me (fixing my own data entry mistakes). His service was very good and his charges were completely reasonable. I would never get service like that from a more mainstream software supplier.

We worked by remote login, using Skype. Being on the other side of the world was no problem. I'm not surprised that he's busy.

I'm very sympathetic with Darald - I've been in a similar situation with various software. Sometimes you read a manual and it's not at all intuitive - for instance: which password? for which login? In LSMB there are at least three. And usually there is a lot of "assumed knowledge". After which, being ignored or told to RTFM is insulting, although this list is far better than most in that respect.

I keep meaning to write up my own experiences, but don't get around to it. I guess we should ALL do that, for the common good. Perhaps a section on the LSMB website for personal experiences, both good and bad?