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Re: Poll: Most helpful feature after 1.3?

On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 2:08 PM, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 18, 2011 at 12:01 PM, o1bigtenor <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Something that didn't take a guru 8 hours to install!!!!!!!!!!
> It would be helpful to have a more detailed problem description here
> so we know what to document better.  We do offer (and will continue to
> offer) RPM (for CentOS/Scientific Linux/Fedora) and debian (for Debian
> and Ubuntu) packages which should cut way down on installation issues
> (tracking down dependencies, etc).  Installation on Windows is
> supported but is harder.
> But currently, today, even a manual installation isn't that much work.
>  I charge a flat $60 for installation and I don't think I ever spend
> more than half an hour of active time on it.  I don't expect the rate
> or the time commitment to go up with 1.3.
> Perhaps your guru can write the list and provide information about
> what went wrong so we can make it better.  But given that I don't see
> these issues, it's extremely hard for me to correct them based on that
> description.
Your response is why I thought very seriously of not saying anything.

I am NOT a computer expert.
I have used computers from a Mac plus in 1986 through various
iterations to a PC in 1999 starting with Windows SE and then moving to
first RedHat (full time in 2001 part time investigating before that)
and then to Debian in 2007 (wanting a longer cycle between upgrades
than 6 months).
I run a farm.
I have also worked for wages full time for most of the last 17 years.
I USE computer systems.
I haven't felt a need to want to create computer systems (programs etc).

The instructions given for Debian installation were very frustrating.

It was assumed that you had Postgres running.
It was assumed that you had all the associated programs (like psql)
running and correctly linked.
It was assumed that you had Apache running.
It was assumed that you knew how to make these programs work harmoniously.
It was assumed that if anything didn't install correctly that you
would KNOW how to fix the issues and repair the now broken install.

One of the issues I remember running into was trying to determine
which password was being asked for. Was it for the Postgres superuser
or the LedgerSMB superuser or the Postgres database owner.

It was after many hours of paid help that I was able to get LedgerSMB
installed - - then I could not figure out how to log in. I tried all
the combinations of things I could think of. I used  commands to
install new superuser passwords after removing the old ones. Nothing
worked. So I just gave up.

I see myself as a business owner/operator and have become somewhat
capable as a computer user so when I read your response to my
suggestion it was like what I have heard lots of time 'RTFM'. Well I
have read manual and I can tell you more about whats happening in a
cow's gut by looking at her feces than I can tell you about how to set
up the 'common' involved *nix program.

I see myself as indicative of many many users out there. I am
comfortable enough with Linux to have set up dual booting systems for
other people and fielded more than a few 'computer help' phone calls
yet I get totally lost trying to install something like LedgerSMB and
then when I indicate that its not very straightforward I get told its
easy and takes no time at all. Perhaps you don't see how unhelpful
that is or how frustrating but I can tell you that although I still
follow the discussions on both the development and the user forums I
am NOT looking at using the product - - because I just can't count on
it. For my business accounting needs  - - - it JUST MUST WORK!!

For what its worth - - you have my response.

The ball is now in YOUR COURT.

Darald Bantel