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Re: firefox doesn't know what to do with pl scripts

On 10/29/10 09:14, Br Nicholas Thirkettle OSB wrote:


If I remember correctly there were bug reports filed. The problem seemed to
be with some versions of perl in some distributions of Linux but not all. It
happened to me when I upgraded to opensuse 11.3 and may be fixed by now. I
haven't had time to check it out.

Br Nicholas

Br Nicholas Cuthbert Thirkettle OSB
St. Joseph's Monastery
Natchez, Mississippi

email: ..hidden..
web: www.osbms.org

Yes, this is the case, I just upgraded from perl-5.8.8 to perl-12.2.
SQL-Ledger-2.6.27 is not compatible with perl-12.2; upgraded to SQL-Ledger-2.8.31 and now this "perl -X" bug.
The bug dates back to Jan of this year or earlier and it is still not fixed.

For the sake of ease of migration to LedgerSMB, can anybody suggest:
should I stay with SQL-Ledger-2.6.27 and perl-5.8.8 or
upgrade to SQL-Ledge-2.8.31 and perl-5.12.2

From earlier posts, it seems to me staying with SQL-Ledger prior to 2.8 will make the transition easier.