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Re: problems with admin.pl login failure

On Sun, 18 Oct 2009, Harondel J. Sibble wrote:

>     Create Datasets and Users
>     =========================
>     1) Create Datasets:
>     Browse to:
>     http://hostname/ledgersmb/admin.pl
> in the INSTALL file. I am logging in using MYPASSWORD, but when it comes time 
> to create the dataset, if I use MYPASSWORD, I get
>     Error!
>        LedgerSMB/User.pm:324
>        FATAL: password authentication failed for user "ledgersmb"

Does the psql ledgersmb user actually have permission to create databases?

You might try manually logging in as the ledgersmb user via the psql 
shell, and trying to create a fake dataset.

All else fails, as a cluge you can create the datasets manually, and then 
have ledgersmb create them.  You'll get an error, but the end result 
*should* be a successfully created company.