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Re: problems with admin.pl login failure

On 19 Oct 2009 at 4:21, Luke wrote:

> Does the psql ledgersmb user actually have permission to create databases?

Here's what I see in the PostgeSQL User page in webmin.

Username    	Requires password?    	Can create databases?    	Can create 
users?    	Valid until   
ledgersmb 	Yes 						Yes 							No 						Forever
postgres 		Yes 						Yes 							Yes 					Forever
sql-ledger 		No 							Yes 							Yes 					Forever

I'm beginning to think this might be because of a mistake I made, I 
downloaded and started the install with 1.2.9 rather than 1.2.18 and the sql 
database file Pg-central.sql, I'd assume has some changes between the 

I've dropped the database and and any users created and am going back to 
start of setup to see if that resolves things any.

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