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Re: Question about effects of installing LSMB on template1

Chris Bennett wrote:
I have someone struggling to install LSMB.
He is concerned that because he has an Adempiere app installed already, that connecting to template1 in admin interface will cause trouble for other app.

I understand that template1 is used to create new databases, but I saw that some alterations are made to it. Is there any real concern that any database app will cause problems for another?

Should not. To elaborate on what Chris Travers said. To do anything with PostgreSQL you need to be connected to "a database". Template1 is just convenient and happens to be the "template" other databases are created from. You could connect to postgres users database - postgres.

The process of installing LSMB makes a new database from template1 then connects to it.

If memory serves me nothing besides the creation of the LSMB database happens in/to template1.

Sometimes a DBA/DBM may decide to add languages and other functionality into template1 so new databases get them when created.


Chris Bennett