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Re: sql-ledger migration

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David Tangye wrote:
> My thought is to upgrade the SL database to 2.6.12, then migrate across.
> To upgrade in the SL database, download a sql-ledger 2.6.12 or later and
> just extract and run the 9 sql/Pg-upgrade... scripts from
> Pg-upgrade-2.4.4-2.5.0.sql onwards from the psql program.
> Hmm: do I remember a version of SL having some extra upgrade
> logic/script in perl that ran on first login after upgrading? Does
> anyone remember this? If so, that version would need to be installed,
> the script run via login, then the Pg-upgrade scripts from there to
> 2.6.12 run.

For what its worth, I have recently started with LSMB migrating from
SL 2.0.0 directly to LSMB 1.2.2, if I remember correctly, by:

1) pg_dump of the SL dataset
2) creating a db and user in LSMB admin screen
3) drop the database
4) create a new (empty) db
5) insert the pg_dump of the SL dataset
6) run the appropriate Pg-upgrade scripts

a) I don't use any of the inventory stuff, so if the SL "extra upgrade
logic/script" was to deal with inventory this might not have worked.
b) I have LSMB and SL installed on different hosts.

Herb Richter,
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