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Re: Migration and documents

On Thu, 2007-04-26 at 17:46 -0700, Chris Travers wrote:
> First, I think that INSTALL and UPGRADE files should always be
> maintained.  Those filenames are in upper case not because I am
> yelling but because that is the standard convention.  If your install
> is a mess, I am guessing you didn't read these files :-)
Its not. I did read them. I read EVERYTHING. ALWAYS. (not shouting -
emphasising :-) )
> I do not expect we will ever stop maintaining them, and we will
> probably always document a manual install process regardless of
> whatever else we offer.
Well as long as there is a process to ensure both are in sync it does
not matter. My concern is there those sort of processes are not in

> The manual is written for people of any level of accounting or
> technical background.  It comes with the sources so if people want, it
> can be stripped down for specific training sessions, but the idea is
> that it is out there to teach the people
> installing/maintaining/administering the software how it is supposed
> to work.
OK, what about the users?

> Third, the release_notes is designed to provide people exactly what
> information they need to get up and running quickly.
Agreed, that is its purpose.

> Fourth, I think it is time to say "put your money where your mouth
> is."  Most of us on the core team are putting a lot of time into what
> we feel are the most important priorities:  security, process control,
> and accounting logic.  The fact is that nothing else matters if those
> are not handled 100% right.  Other issues may be addressable once
> those are really nailed down.  But that won't be likely before we get
> close to 2.0.  If you want to radically restructure the documentation,
> you are free to make contributions, and these may or may not be
> accepted depending on their quality.
That was why I asked about having it in a more accessible format.

Maybe your priorities are in producing software. Mine is more in making
it usable, partly by being understandable/presentable to more users. It
has become apparent that my priorities are not valued here. And I am not
sure I am very impressed by the "put your money where your mouth is."
sentiment either. I have been spending a lot of my time (= money) making
suggestions. If you do not value other suggestions and criticism, just
say so.