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Re: Is LSMB really suitable for the public?

Without responding to specifics, I would say this project is doing
quite well. As one of the old goats who remember what real computers
look like (and remember when everyone looked up to us as gods...sob),
I envy these young guys who are able to jump in and learn their skills
in such an open and learning-rich environment.

Sure there have been a few fumbles, but the direction is evolving -
hopefully towards a more knowledgeable user base. The fact that they
will try and explain accounting to the illiterate is pretty cute. I
would just shout 'Read a Book' if these same people asked me these

I think the team is focused on a different priority list. Perhaps they
value those crazy old notions of community, user friendliness and ease
of access over technical issues. Personally I only appreciate the
technical issues.

This team is willing to take a pretty sloppy package, write an
application in a language that the original language authors would
never have dreamed of attempting, set very high and public goals, and
do it all for free while anyone with a keyboard looks over their
shoulder and points out every little nit in the process. In their
situation I would be kicking walls on a regular basis.

Keep up the good work!