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Re: Great work... and a question

On 4/13/07, ..hidden.. <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi all,

I stumbled on LedgerSMB last week and I've been playing around with it
since then (when, admittedly, I should have been doing other things.
Bad Richard.  No cookie).

I currently use WebERP, which has a great interface, but I find it
somewhat lacking in the features that I need.  Having found LedgerSMB,
I have found an actively developed project that seems to have, or be
working on, the things I want in an accounts system (although I'm less
fond of the web interface - but I'll get used to it).

Don't worry about the interface.  We are working on getting it to the
point where the interface can be redesigned properly.

 After only a
week of gleefully pressing buttons, I'm largely sold despite my
unfamiliarity with postgres and my dislike of perl.

This evening, I started putting some proper data into the system (I'm
using 1.2.2), using live data from the WebERP system.  I figure if I
can get 12 months of data, warts and all, into LedgerSMB - and get the
same end of year accounts out of both systems - I will be happy moving
across.  This is when I hit upon my first snag: credit notes.  I have
credit notes that we issue and supplier credit notes to enter into the
system, and I can't see a nice way of doing it, short of a manual GL
transaction (which is doable for receiving supplier credit notes, but
less useful for issuing our own).

We are working on credit notes.  Expect them in 1.3.0

In the mean time, you may be able to handle it as a prepayment,
depending on your needs (against a different account, naturally).

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers