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Great work... and a question

Hi all,

I stumbled on LedgerSMB last week and I've been playing around with it since then (when, admittedly, I should have been doing other things. Bad Richard. No cookie).

I currently use WebERP, which has a great interface, but I find it somewhat lacking in the features that I need. Having found LedgerSMB, I have found an actively developed project that seems to have, or be working on, the things I want in an accounts system (although I'm less fond of the web interface - but I'll get used to it). After only a week of gleefully pressing buttons, I'm largely sold despite my unfamiliarity with postgres and my dislike of perl.

This evening, I started putting some proper data into the system (I'm using 1.2.2), using live data from the WebERP system. I figure if I can get 12 months of data, warts and all, into LedgerSMB - and get the same end of year accounts out of both systems - I will be happy moving across. This is when I hit upon my first snag: credit notes. I have credit notes that we issue and supplier credit notes to enter into the system, and I can't see a nice way of doing it, short of a manual GL transaction (which is doable for receiving supplier credit notes, but less useful for issuing our own).

So my question: is there a credit note facility that I have overlooked, or is there a plan to add this functionality in the near future?


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