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Re: drafting invoices


Not even that formal ... a draft is just something that has not been posted ... i.e. I was working on the invoice, when the phone rang so I saved the partial to complete later rather than starting over from scratch afterwards. As in my previous posting, the way this is just assumed in GnuCash is very convenient ... save all work, unless explicitly told to delete.

A feature that would be just as helpful IMHO, would be the ability to build a useful library of template and recurring transactions (the present scheduled transaction feature is so, so).


On 18-Mar-2007, at 16:31, Chris Travers wrote:

I have added a feature request for draft documents.  Here is my idea
as to how they would work.

A draft, unlike a quotation, order, or invoice, would not represent a
document to be delivered to a customer (of course orders and
quotations have some flexibility once sent for further negotiation and
could be used instead, they may also carry legal weight, though
IANAL).  A draft would not be printable, and could not be emailed to
the customer.  A draft, however, could be converted into a quotation
(or rfq), order, or invoice.

Any thoughts, issues, concerns?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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