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Re: SL to Ledger-SMB - Is it a good idea and why?

On 3/3/07, John Locke <..hidden..> wrote:

That's the openness that's drawn us over, which has been missing from
that other project. My only concern has been that the core team
practically equals the entire community--doesn't seem like very many
people have crossed over to this project yet.

Well, we are getting a lot of downloads, and we have gotten quite a
number of code contributions from others, which is good.  Read the
CONTRIBUTORS file, for example.

Our mailing lists are still about 15% of what SL's are though.

In my view, however, the key community is not just the user community.
It is the community of service providers, developers, and the like.
By this measure, we strong community already, and it is only getting
stronger.  That part is well beyond the core team already.

In fact, when I get work requests, often I try to push them to
non-core team members as a way of encouraging this community to
enlarge.  I have all the work I need for the next few months, and this
helps everyone out.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers