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Re: SL to Ledger-SMB - Is it a good idea and why?

On Sat, 2007-03-03 at 16:19 -0800, John Locke wrote:
> We switched our company at the end of January, when we ran into cash
> income statements not adding up correctly in SQL-Ledger.
:-). You probably got told on the other forum that you were very stupid
for losing your cash, and it was your fault. :-)
> I'm convinced, for the reasons others have already given, that
> Ledger-SMB is the best path forward. 
I have also decide that some time ago. To me it has been a question of
when, plus the conservative side of me has been waiting in case this
project blew apart. That possibility seems to be very remote now though,
as there are enough helpers and general momentum now to make it a better
proposition (ie it now a less risky prospect than SL) looking forward.

> There also seems to be much more momentum here on
> features that matter--security, payroll, a better API, etc.

> We switched to 1.1.7.
What was your source SL database version (easily found from the file
name of the backup you would have taken at the time.)?

Cheers, and thanks for the info