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Re: Math::BigFloat... method is_zero

On Fri, 2012-11-02 at 12:45 -0400, Michael Richardson wrote:
> Robert James Clay <..hidden..> wrote:

>     >> my /usr/share/perl5/Math/BigFloat.pm would have been installed
>     >> from debian.  It is version 1.997, and it's from the same
>     >> libmath-bigint-perl library.

   Yes, they're both included with the base perl-modules package as well
as in (for 'newer versions') the separate package.

>     jame>    The Debian package recommends libmath-bigint-gmp-perl...
> yeah... curiously, doesn't require that one.. 

    LedgerSMB itself only recommends it.  Note, btw, that unless changed
by the admin, recommended packages are installed by default on Debian