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Re: LedgerSMB at Launchpad?

On Thu, 2012-10-25 at 19:10 -0400, Robert James Clay wrote:
>     I did start the project there

    More precisely, I started the Team;  a 'Project' at Launchpad is a
different thing, but one I've also been thinking about.

> .... but the one for Lucid failed to build and so will need a
> bit more work.

   That likely means changes from the Debian package and I'd like to
have those changes in a code repository both as a backup to any work I
and/or others do as well as to make it otherwise available.  Teams can
host BZR branches (as can users), so I thought to use that; especially
since the BZR branches that Ubuntu uses at Launchpad for the packages it
imports from Debian already have LedgerSMB available that way.

   That got me thinking about taking advantage of another part of the
Launchpad infrastructure, which is the vcs imports that can be set up;
thinking it could be useful to have at least some of the various code
repositories (including the main LedgerSMB SVN repository, as well as
the Debian packaging repo and perhaps the git repositories) available,
even if it is only in BZR branches. (I understand that GIT, which is
what I primarily use these days, can be used with BZR but I don't know
how well that works.)  Thing is, that's only supported for Launchpad
Projects and that brings in a lot of functionality that we don't
particularly need...