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LedgerSMB in Ubuntu

On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 11:23 -0400, Robert James Clay wrote:
> ....  I understand that the feature freeze for Ubuntu
> 12.10 will be in August, so which version of LedgerSMB makes it in there
> will depend on which version makes it into Debian unstable by that time.

   What made it in is v1.3.18-1 of the LedgerSMB package, and that is
what is currently available in Ubuntu v12.10; newer versions (currently,
v1.3.22) will migrate when the auto migration from Debian is enabled

   I'm investigating what is needed to get LedgerSMB packages backported
to, for instance, the Ubuntu LTS versions like v10.04 or v12.04.  More
when I have further information.