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LedgerSMB accepted into Debian !

On Tue, 2012-04-24 at 22:55 -0400, Håvard Sørli wrote:
> On 24. april 2012 20:14, Robert James Clay wrote:
> >     I'm currently waiting to find out if the current package (1.3.15-2)
> > will get accepted into Debian. I'll post about it if/when it happens.
> Do you have an url, so we could download and test your package ?

   The 1.3.15-2 package for LedgerSMB has been accepted into Debian
unstable.  I expect that version of the package to migrate to Debian
testing (wheezy) by the end of this month.

	LedgerSMB Debian source package page:


	Besides becoming available in the Debian repositories, information
about downloading the current package manually is also available at: