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Re: Sketching of Payroll

>>>>> "John" == John Locke <..hidden..> writes:
    John> Was just talking with a friend who is a Boeing engineer, and
    John> he's salaried non-exempt, gets overtime, right here in
    John> Washington State!
    >> The question is: what's the difference for the *accounting
    >> system* between: salaried == 40 hours/week (+no overtime) hourly
    >> == 40 hours/week + overtime
    >> If they were "exempt", then you'd never enter more than 40.  (and
    >> you'd probably create a recurring transaction, right...)

    John> Hmm. Well, our salaried paychecks vary because we pay twice
    John> monthly, instead of every 2 weeks -- so the number of working
    John> days per check vary...

You are addressing the question of recurring transactions, not the
question of what the difference between salaried and hourly.

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