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Sketching of Payroll

Here are some notes I jotted down on the plane.  I am interested in feedback to make sure this works generally well across the board.

Conceptual Design:

I:  Income Classes
    *   Base Categories
        *   Salary
            * Normal
            * Exempt
            * Overtime (yes, some places need this)
            * Paid Time Off
        *   Hourly
            * Normal
            * Overtime
            * Paid Time Off
        *  Chord (per production, commonly used in agriculture)
            * Classes to define as such
II:  Deduction Classes
   *   Universal ones
        * Medical Insurance
        * Garnishments
   *   Locale-specific ones
III:   Paid Time Off
   * Additional plugin modules

I:  Setting up employees:
   * Add wage and base class fields (hourly vs salary).
   * Check box for chord work too
   * Add locale-specific tax withholding forms (W-4 and the like)

II:  Entering wages
   * For salary:
        * Standard amount displayed
        * Enter unpaid time off in days
        * Enter paid time off in days
        * One row per employee for bulk entry
    * For hourly:
        * Per day:  standard hours, overtime hours, paid timeoff hours, etc
        * Three rows per employee
    * For Chord
        * One row per employee, one field per chort class.
    * Report is saved but not posted to GL

III:  Approval
   * Pull up report
   * Shows entered information and GL effects.
   * review, approve.  It posts to GL.  Click "print checks" and it prints checks