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Re: More conservative screen-width use in Payments screen?

Hi Herman,

> As i see it , you would like to use shorter names. e.g 'Amount Due' -> 'Due'
> But why not use  locale/po/en.po to get shorter names?
> e.g.
> msgid "Amount Due"
> msgstr "Due"
> msgid  'Due' is nearly intranslatable without context. It could be
> 'Amount Due','Date Due' etc.

Thanks for your reaction. I've been thinking about this a bit. At
first I liked the idea, but since translation strings can be applied
globally, you might end up with a number of rows of "Due:" right below
each other, if I used your suggestion:

Due: $ 50
Due: 2012-01-31

Which isn't what I want. Although I do see your point. So, I'm now
trying to decide how to handle this: install my own template? It would
be a solution, but not worth it, as you noted, I accidentally
committed it already just today.

Which other options do we/I have apart from just letting it go??